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Service Line Coverage


Why pay for multiple service contracts offered by multiple utility companies when you can get coverage for underground service lines right in your homeowners insurance?

The coverage is for damage to lines like cable, internet and electrical wiring, and damaged natural gas, propane and sewer pipes.

Rest easy knowing your home is covered all the way to the curb.

Sewer Lateral Insurance Coverage

We have a company which can cover your damaged or defective sewer lateral.

So why should you consider switching to our Home policy through Erie Insurance and the Goebel Insurance Agency?

… because you will now get Underground Service Line Coverage up to $25,000 and in March 2017 you will get Equipment Breakdown Coverage up to $50,000 on your ERIE Home policy.

Cheltenham residents should have recently gotten a letter from the township saying that they will inspect your sewer lateral to see if it is damaged. If it is damaged they will ask that you repair or replace it. If you did not get it yet, it will be coming soon.

I, Chris Goebel, got the same letter, and I bought this policy myself, as I live Cheltenham, PA, too.

Check out these links for more information about the Sewer Lateral Inspections that will be taking place: Cheltenham Township

Well, guess what? If your sewer lateral is damaged, ERIE’s new policy will pay up to $25,000 to repair/replace it, including excavation, sidewalk repairs and more. We can send you the details if you ask.

A claim has already been settled in Willow Grove, and the claim paid more than $11,000 to replace the sewer lateral, replace the sidewalk, and restore the lawn and bushes etc. That family is thrilled!

In March of 2017, Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown coverage will be added to your policy automatically and at no additional cost. ERIE will cover items like your heater, water heater, Fridge, electric panel, range, dishwasher and more. We can send you the details if you ask.

If your heater/fridge, etc., are damaged due to mechanical or electrical breakdown ERIE will repair or replace it, less your deductible. If they have to replace it, they will replace it with an Energy Star or “Green” better, more efficient version. This coverage is added automatically and for FREE.

This Home policy is much, much better. Our rate may even be lower than what you are paying now. We won’t know until we quote you.

This is not just for Cheltenham, PA, this is offered for all of Pennsylvania!

Please contact us for you free quote and more details!

Chris Goebel (215) 465-9311.
Jeff Burman (215) 465-9311.

Premium: $_____ (Please call us for your personal quote)
This policy has:

  • a $300,000 Liability limit
  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost for your Dwelling (no limit)
  • $5,000 in Sewer Drain Backup coverage (think basement, you can increase this)
  • $25,000 Underground Service Line Coverage
  • $25,000 Identity Recovery Fraud Reimbursement
  • $50,000 Equipment Breakdown… coming in March 2017 at no extra cost
  • Jewelry/Furs/Silverware/Guns: $3000 per item. $10,000 per category
  • Loss of Use: 24 months
  • All the coverages listed under the SELECT Endorsement (see last page of your quote)

The Deductible is $500.

This an upgraded policy and is much, much better than what the competition offers.