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Ridesharing Insurance

Most personal auto insurance policies exclude coverage for when you are driving people for a fee or have a Rideshare App, such as Uber or Lyft, on or active.

We have a company that: (All you have to do is ask for it.)

  • Covers you while the Ride Share App is on, and you are looking for a fare
  • Covers you after you accept the trip
  • Covers you while you are driving the passenger on their trip to their destination
  • Covers you after the trip and while you are just doing regular driving and not using the Rideshare App

We can customize your Coverage and Limits to meet your needs.

So how do you get this coverage? Call or email or stop in to see us and ask for it. Just mention that you are using a Rideshare App such as Uber or Lyft, and we will get you a quote.
(215) 465-9311